I started documenting readline #1076

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I added some information about readline, something seems better than nothing. I will do another more thorough pass on this module if this looks like a good start.

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Cool. Looks like this might have to merged after the commit from @dtrejo yesterday: f4e69e4

Moarrrr docs! Moarrr awesome!


wtf? haha, i did this yesterday but was too busy to commit! nice @DTrejo =)


The auto-complete section of what I merged is wrong, I think.

Also, there's a buncha stuff you have there that I don't. Still worth adding it, @hijinx :)

@ry ry closed this May 20, 2011
ry commented May 20, 2011

@hijinx rebase your patch on top of @DTrego's changes and open a new pull

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