added additional properties to getPeerCertificate with test case #1612

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Added additional properties to getPeerCertificate, now includes
subjectAltName, Exponent and Modulus (FOAF+SSL friendly).

Patch written by Nathan,

I also added a test case based on test-https-simple to test the new attributes.

koichik commented Aug 31, 2011

@niclashoyer - Thanks! This time, can you sign the CLA? :)
And can I modify the patch?

  1. Apply @pquerna's suggestion.
  2. Fix BIOs usage.

just signed it.

Of course, please modify the patch :)


bnoordhuis commented Aug 31, 2011

Use NID_subject_alt_name: da3bc23

However, valgrind is complaining wildly on the test/simple/test-https-foafssl.js test (with and without da3bc23). Needs further investigating.

koichik commented Aug 31, 2011

Fix BIO's usage: 937dc27

koichik commented Sep 2, 2011

@bnoordhuis - With 937dc27, valgrind isn't complaining.


==8852== ERROR SUMMARY: 4 errors from 4 contexts (suppressed: 4 from 4)


==8931== ERROR SUMMARY: 0 errors from 0 contexts (suppressed: 4 from 4)

Can I merge all together?


bnoordhuis commented Sep 2, 2011

@koichik: yes, go ahead.

koichik closed this in 28a9084 Sep 2, 2011

koichik commented Sep 2, 2011

@niclashoyer - Thanks for your contribution!

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