Getters/Setters in VM's Context #1673

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indutny commented Sep 8, 2011

With this change it's possible to have getters and setters in global object for repl and vm module.

Please review this before #1667 (I'll made some changes to it if that land in master)

ry commented Sep 8, 2011

do you have a test which can demonstrate the bug?

indutny commented Sep 8, 2011

Sorry, forgot to write it. Writing now.

indutny commented Sep 8, 2011


@ry ry added a commit that closed this pull request Sep 8, 2011
@indutny indutny vm context with accessors
true copy of sandbox properties

catch sealed errors, pass global's prototype to CloneObject

Fixes #1673
@ry ry closed this in 4527de8 Sep 8, 2011
ry commented Sep 8, 2011

this caused a segfault in test/message/undefined_reference_in_new_context.js just before release so reverted it in 26834b0.

@ry ry reopened this Sep 8, 2011
@ry ry added a commit that closed this pull request Sep 10, 2011
@indutny indutny vm context with accessors
fixes #1673
@ry ry closed this in 8c2c7bb Sep 10, 2011
@lyonplus lyonplus pushed a commit to lyonplus/node that referenced this pull request May 22, 2015
@Fishrock123 Fishrock123 2015-05-15 io.js v2.0.2 Release
PR-URL: nodejs/node#1679

Notable Changes:

* win,node-gyp: the delay-load hook for windows addons has now been
correctly enabled by default, it had wrongly defaulted to off in the
release version of 2.0.0 (Bert Belder) #1433
* os: tmpdir()'s trailing slash stripping has been refined to fix an
issue when the temp directory is at '/'. Also considers which slash is
used by the operating system. (cjihrig) #1673
* tls: default ciphers have been updated to use gcm and aes128 (Mike
MacCana) #1660
* build: v8 snapshots have been re-enabled by default as suggested by
the v8 team, since prior security issues have been resolved. This
should give some perf improvements to both startup and vm context
creation. (Trevor Norris) #1663
* src: fixed preload modules not working when other flags were used
before --require (Yosuke Furukawa) #1694
* dgram: fixed send()'s callback not being asynchronous (Yosuke
Furukawa) #1313
* readline: emitKeys now keeps buffering data until it has enough to
parse. This fixes an issue with parsing split escapes. (Alex Kocharin)
* cluster: works now properly emit 'disconnect' to cluser.worker (Oleg
Elifantiev) #1386
events: uncaught errors now provide some context (Evan Lucas) #1654
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