punycode: Update to v1.0.0 #2824

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No actual code changes (except for some redundant parens which — believe it or not — make Punycode.js work in Adobe ExtendScript).

Just keeping Node.js’s punycode.js in sync with the main repo.

isaacs commented Feb 24, 2012

LGTM, but I don't see any relevant code changes, just comments and style. Am I missing something, or is that accurate?

That’s completely accurate. See this pull request’s description for some more info.

isaacs commented Feb 24, 2012

OH, hah, totally missed that. Ok, yeah, lgtm, then.

isaacs commented Feb 27, 2012

Landed on cacd651, thanks!

isaacs closed this Feb 27, 2012

isaacs commented Feb 27, 2012

And on 483edbd in v0.6

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