Update documentation to not be misleading. It's not possible to safely... #2865

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...run untrusted code.

There was talk of a Prison module for this purpose in ~0.7+. This is only 1 single example of code which can be called with vm.runInNewContext, and exit the process.

var Func = (function() { return arguments.callee.caller })().caller.caller.caller.constructor; var fn = new Func('return process'); var process = fn(); process.exit()

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Thanks, I'll merge it but can you sign the CLA and wrap lines at 80 characters?


@eboyjr your PR is still waiting for an updated commit message


@benverhees Thanks, but I forfeit. Maybe someone else can come along and take care of it?

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Closing then. The caveats are reasonably well documented by now.

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis closed this Feb 20, 2013
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