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REPL cmd without proceeding . #2980

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seebees commented Mar 21, 2012

If you execute a REPL command without a . it will result in a ReferenceError, catch the error and try for a REPL command.

This is related to #2974, but I think it could be useful in it's own right.

Clearly, I need tests and what-not. But this gives people a chance to comment and tell me I'm crazy or not. I'll put the details of how I would use this in #2974.

+ var tmp = e && (e.stack || e.toString());
+ if (tmp.match(/^ReferenceError/)) {
+ var matches = evalCmd.match(/^([^\s]+)\s*(.*)$/);
+ var keyword = matches && ('.' + matches[1]);

TooTallNate Mar 21, 2012

This style of conditionally assigning variables is rather cryptic. We try to stay readable throughout core, so these would ideally change to if statements.


seebees Mar 21, 2012

@TooTallNate Sure thing. 215 and 216 as well? And do you want me to update this while I'm about it?


isaacs Mar 22, 2012

Don't update existing code (unless it's as a new commit which does explicitly that.) But yes, moving forward, do try to make it clear.

+ }
+ }
+ return finish(e);
+ }

TooTallNate Mar 21, 2012

I do wonder why you are modifying this part of the logic rather than here:

Any reasoning behind that?


seebees Mar 21, 2012


  • break is a reserved word so as a REPL command you will aways need to type .break
  • backwards compatibility. the proceeding . is a nice way to disambiguate a variable from a REPL command, this is just sugar
  • variable assignment and REPL commands must still play nicely. I would be sad if someone ran .load file and said file had a variable called load or something
  • I did/do not know the extent to which people are extending the REPL, so I wanted something that was a light touch.

What would be nice is to abstract both sections so they use the same logic, but... I was figuring I'd use comments. The more I change, the more tests I need to write ;)

seebees commented Mar 22, 2012

@TooTallNate I still need to talk to @indutny and @rlidwka, but I think this is ready for review. I changed the implementation very slightly. But I think my tests are covering everything. The main problem I see is if someone is using '=' to designate something in a custom REPL command.
e.g. .myCmd =special or if someone wrote something crazy like:

  = 'my Value'

But I don't feel strongly about that because of this:

 = function() {}

@isaacs Do you want a pull for this in v0.6? or only master?

isaacs commented Mar 22, 2012

Getting a repl just right is really hard. Humans are tricky interfaces :)

This definitely cannot be done in v0.6. All this talk is for master only.

isaacs commented Mar 22, 2012

I'd recommend, try something out, let's play with it a little bit, see how it feels, then iterate that way. It doesn't have to be production-ready to make a pull req, just make a note if it's still exploratory.

seebees commented Mar 22, 2012

Those pesky humans... I'll come back to it in a few days then. I feel about 75% confident with what is here. It's all about the edge cases ;)

Really I need more data to make sure I've got everything. That and what edge cases are just to crazy to try and support (e.g. my comments above...)

REPL cmd without proceeding .
If you execute a REPL command without a . it will result in a ReferenceError, catch the error and try for a REPL command.

Can one of the admins verify this patch?

Closing this due to inactivity. If this is in error, please feel free to re-open or comment!

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