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ssuda commented Apr 25, 2012

Adding support for NAPTR records
fixes #3170

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis commented on an outdated diff Apr 29, 2012
@@ -485,6 +485,63 @@ class QuerySrvWrap: public QueryWrap {
+#if (ARES_VERSION >= 0x010706)
bnoordhuis Apr 29, 2012 Owner

Drop the conditional.

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis commented on an outdated diff Apr 29, 2012
+ public:
+ int Send(const char* name) {
+ ares_query(ares_channel,
+ name,
+ ns_c_in,
+ ns_t_naptr,
+ Callback,
+ GetQueryArg());
+ return 0;
+ }
+ protected:
+ void Parse(unsigned char* buf, int len) {
+ HandleScope scope;
+ struct ares_naptr_reply* naptr_start;
bnoordhuis Apr 29, 2012 Owner

Superfluous struct keyword. (Happens down below too).

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis commented on an outdated diff Apr 29, 2012
@@ -2082,6 +2082,9 @@ static void ProcessTitleSetter(Local<String> property,
obj->Set(String::NewSymbol("ipv6"), True()); // TODO ping libuv
obj->Set(String::NewSymbol("tls_npn"), Boolean::New(use_npn));
obj->Set(String::NewSymbol("tls_sni"), Boolean::New(use_sni));
+#if (ARES_VERSION >= 0x010706)
+ obj->Set(String::NewSymbol("dns_naptr"), True());
bnoordhuis Apr 29, 2012 Owner

This can be removed. NAPTR support will be in v0.8.0.


LGTM in general. This PR depends on a c-ares upgrade in libuv but that will happen soon.

ssuda DNS: Support NAPTR queries
Adding support for NAPTR records
fixes #3170
ssuda commented Apr 30, 2012

Updated to include @bnoordhuis comments, Thanks.

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis was assigned Apr 30, 2012
isaacs commented Jun 16, 2012

Landed on 91bf18f.


@isaacs isaacs closed this Jun 16, 2012
isaacs commented Jun 16, 2012

Whoops, that was premature, sorry. NAPTR support is not landed yet.

Pushing this off until post-0.8. Sorry for the confusion.

Reverted on a90bc78, tagged for post-v0.8.

@isaacs isaacs reopened this Jun 16, 2012

Any idea when this is going to happen ? Would love to use Node for an intelligent proxy, but I require NAPTR support in order to do it.

isaacs commented Mar 6, 2013

It looks like the upgrade to cares is done, but this PR has to be rebased onto master in order to be considered.

I fixed test-internet in #4933, but with this patch on top of that branch, it won't build without this additional patch:

diff --git a/src/cares_wrap.cc b/src/cares_wrap.cc
index 1734a62..5940ec3 100644
--- a/src/cares_wrap.cc
+++ b/src/cares_wrap.cc
@@ -651,9 +651,10 @@ class QueryNaptrWrap: public QueryWrap {

       Local<Object> naptr_record = Object::New();

-      naptr_record->Set(flags_symbol, String::New(naptr_current->flags));
-      naptr_record->Set(service_symbol, String::New(naptr_current->service));
-      naptr_record->Set(regexp_symbol, String::New(naptr_current->regexp));
+      naptr_record->Set(flags_symbol, String::New((const char *)naptr_current->flags));
+      naptr_record->Set(service_symbol, String::New((const char *)naptr_current->service));
+      naptr_record->Set(regexp_symbol, String::New((const char *)naptr_current->regexp));
       naptr_record->Set(replacement_symbol, String::New(naptr_current->replacement));
       naptr_record->Set(order_symbol, Integer::New(naptr_current->order));
       naptr_record->Set(preference_symbol, Integer::New(naptr_current->preference));

and the tests don't pass.

I'm closing this PR for now. Please feel free to reincarnate it when those changes are made.


@isaacs isaacs closed this Mar 6, 2013
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