Handle protocols that seperate the host from path with colon #3471

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Fixes #1627. Added tests too.

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis commented on the diff Jun 28, 2012

'http:': true,
'https:': true,
'ftp:': true,
'gopher:': true,
- 'file:': true
+ 'file:': true,
+ 'ssh:': true

bnoordhuis Jun 28, 2012


Unnecessary change, please undo.


bnoordhuis commented Jun 28, 2012

@isaacs You should probably review this. I don't know if this is what you had in mind when you filed #1627.

The problem I see with it is that it's a hard-coded protocol check. It breaks down when people use mashup URLs like 'git+ssh://example.com:path/to/foo'.

@bnoordhuis @isaacs and me talked about it in IRC and he gave me some feedback. I am going to modify this soon.

isaacs commented Jun 29, 2012

@bnoordhuis Yes, I want to +1 this before landing. Thanks.

@pksunkara Feel free to continue to discuss in IRC and elsewhere :)

@pksunkara, I'd hate to see your work for naught. Thinking of providing an update? =)

Can one of the admins verify this patch?

hackedy commented Apr 20, 2013

@pksunkara has deleted their fork so this particular pull can get closed. I am going to open a PR in a minute with this fix, though

isaacs commented Apr 23, 2013

@hackedy If you do, can you please reference #3471 in the comments, so that we have continuity? Thanks.

isaacs closed this Apr 23, 2013

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