Fix for fs.appendFile failure when a callback isn't passed and an is error returned #3853

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Documentation for 'fs.appendFile' marks the 'callback' argument as optional, but the code would fail if not passed a callback function and an error has occurred.

The code defaulted to 'null' which was later called as a function in the case of an error.

Fixed to use (the already defined) 'makeCallback' function.


LGTM if it works as advertised. However:

  1. Can you add a regression test or two?
  2. Can you rework the commit message as described here?
  3. Last but not least, can you sign the CLA?



Sorry about that. My fault for not searching the notes about contributing.
Will fix the commit message and sign the CLA now and take care of the test tomorrow.

@crazyrobot crazyrobot fs: fix appendFile() error using null as function
Code defaulted to 'null' if a callback wasn't provided which would later be called as a function in the case of an error.
Changed to use 'makeCallback' like on 'fs.symlink'.

Can one of the admins verify this patch?


This is fixed in current releases.

@tjfontaine tjfontaine closed this Feb 18, 2014
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