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document child_process.spawn option, windowsVerbatimArguments #4259

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initial attempt at documenting child_process.spawn's windowsVerbatimArguments option

...I know, I know, no topic branch. I blame the github online editor for not having that capability. I'm on my cr48 right now and don't have a git client accessible.

@damianb damianb Update doc/api/child_process.markdown
initial attempt at documenting child_process.spawn's `windowsVerbatimArguments` option

Can one of the admins verify this patch?


Can this please be added to documentation, since windowsVerbatimArguments option is implemented since 2011. Not having this feature documented is causing headache for developers.


Sure. We take pull requests. :-)

(EDIT: For clarification, that was a joke.)


@damianb Can you sign the CLA and update the commit log? Failing that, I'm willing to amend the commit log for you but I'll need a signed CLA. The URL is


Reminds me of EDI.

@damianb damianb closed this
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Commits on Nov 9, 2012
  1. @damianb

    Update doc/api/child_process.markdown

    damianb committed
    initial attempt at documenting child_process.spawn's `windowsVerbatimArguments` option
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2  doc/api/child_process.markdown
@@ -249,6 +249,8 @@ there is no IPC channel keeping it alive. When calling this method the
* `customFds` {Array} **Deprecated** File descriptors for the child to use
for stdio. (See below)
* `env` {Object} Environment key-value pairs
+ * `windowsVerbatimArguments` {Boolean} Disable unix-like argument formatting and
+ instead use only spaces to separate provided arguments.
* `detached` {Boolean} The child will be a process group leader. (See below)
* `uid` {Number} Sets the user identity of the process. (See setuid(2).)
* `gid` {Number} Sets the group identity of the process. (See setgid(2).)
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