cherry pick recent dtrace fixes to v0.10 #5201

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This enables dtrace on osx as well as setting the fd field properly in the probes

davepacheco and others added some commits Mar 28, 2013
@davepacheco @tjfontaine davepacheco build: allow building with dtrace on osx aab53bb
@davepacheco @tjfontaine davepacheco dtrace: pass more arguments to probes
OSX and other DTrace implementations don't support dereferencing
structs in probes. To accomodate that pass members from the struct as
arguments so that DTrace is useful on those systems.
@tjfontaine tjfontaine dtrace: actually use the _handle.fd value
When using the DTrace/systemtap subsystems it would be helpful to
actually have an fd associated with the requests and responses.
@bnoordhuis @tjfontaine bnoordhuis dtrace: check if _handle property is set
Check that _handle is an object before trying to read its `fd`
property, avoids bogus values.
@tjfontaine tjfontaine etw: update prototypes to match dtrace provider
The DTrace probes were updated to accomodate platforms that can't
handle structs, update the prototypes for ETW but it's not necessary
to do anything with the new arguments as it's redundant information.

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isaacs commented Apr 3, 2013

Landed in 0.10

@isaacs isaacs closed this Apr 3, 2013
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