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Here's the pull request for tls.start(); see mailing list thread here. Thanks!

ry commented Apr 11, 2011

Hey Ben,
Do you have time to put together a test for this? Just something simple in the style of test/simple/test-https-connecting-to-http.js ?


Sure thing, I'll write something up.


@weaver did you have a chance to make a test? Could you update the pull request? Thanks!


This slipped my mind, apologies! I'll update the pull request today.


is there a chance this could get expanded to tls.createSocket(options) on which you can later call connect(port, host, callback)?


Sorry for the delay, this has been fixed in v0.7.0 (#2489). You can pass socket: mySocket to tls.connect().

@koichik koichik closed this Jan 21, 2012
@rmg rmg pushed a commit that referenced this pull request May 1, 2015
@rvagg rvagg 2015-03-31 io.js v1.6.3 Release
Notable changes:

 * fs: corruption can be caused by fs.writeFileSync() and append-mode
   fs.writeFile() and fs.writeFileSync() under certain circumstances,
   reported in #1058, fixed in #1063 (Olov Lassus).
 * iojs: an "internal modules" API has been introduced to allow core
   code to share JavaScript modules internally only without having to
   expose them as a public API, this feature is for core-only #848
   (Vladimir Kurchatkin).
 * timers: two minor problems with timers have been fixed:
   - Timer#close() is now properly idempotent #1288 (Petka Antonov).
   - setTimeout() will only run the callback once now after an
     unref() during the callback #1231 (Roman Reiss).
 * Windows: a "delay-load hook" has been added for compiled add-ons
   on Windows that should alleviate some of the problems that Windows
   users may be experiencing with add-ons in io.js #1251
   (Bert Belder).
 * V8: minor bug-fix upgrade for V8 to
 * npm: upgrade npm to 2.7.4. See npm for details.
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