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win,msi: correct installation path registry keys

Since install is per machine only, installation path should be stored
in local machine instead of current user. The registry stores HKLM in
different places for 32 and 64 bit applications, so the installer will
not suggest the old path when upgrading from 32 to 64 bit version.

Fixes #5592
Fixes #25087

PR-URL: #25640
Reviewed-By: Alexis Campailla <>
Reviewed-By: Bert Belder <>
latest commit 14db629497
@joaocgreis joaocgreis authored orangemocha committed
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closure_linter Import Google's closure_linter
configure.d build: i18n: add icu config options
doc Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/v0.10' into merge-0-10-into-0-12
gyp gyp: fix build with python 2.6
icu build: i18n: add icu config options
mdb build: embed the into the binary
osx-pkg.pmdoc Mac installer shows license
pkgsrc build: add pkgsrc rule
Makefile timers: backport f8193ab Fix #3089 Build changelog.html for website
certdata.txt tools: check in certdata.txt from mozilla NSS 2012.01.09, Version 0.8.17 (Stable) tools: make work on bsd-likes
common.js tools: improve tooling around AUTHORS file cpplint: disallow if one-liners email-footer: update the binary package links to x86/x64 Revert "sunos: unbreak build after v8 downgrade" tools: Add next/prev version scripts Makefile: add a better check to ensure a node "release" Remove str.format to support python2.5. tools: Add next/prev version scripts tools: script to report [un]stable build gyp: update to bebdcea Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/v0.10' into v0.12 tools: fix js2c macro expansion bug
license2rtf.js license2rtf: collapse whitespace Now working on 0.10.31 build: Sign pkg installer for OS X Include NPM, update .pkg to install it. build: Sign pkg installer for OS X Use v8's test runner gyp: specialize node.d for freebsd test: runner should return 0 on flaky tests
update-authors.js tools: improve tooling around AUTHORS file tools: fix after v8 upgrade
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