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Here's how the node docs work.

1:1 relationship from lib/<module>.js to doc/api/<module>.markdown

Each type of heading has a description block.

## module

    Stability: 3 - Stable

description and examples.


* Type

description of the property.

### module.someFunction(x, y, [z=100])

* `x` {String} the description of the string
* `y` {Boolean} Should I stay or should I go?
* `z` {Number} How many zebras to bring.

A description of the function.

### Event: 'blerg'

* Argument: SomeClass object.

Modules don't usually raise events on themselves.  `cluster` is the
only exception.

## Class: SomeClass

description of the class.

### Class Method: SomeClass.classMethod(anArg)

* `anArg` {Object}  Just an argument
  * `field` {String} anArg can have this field.
  * `field2` {Boolean}  Another field.  Default: `false`.
* Return: {Boolean} `true` if it worked.

Description of the method for humans.

### someClass.nextSibling()

* Return: {SomeClass object | null}  The next someClass in line.

### someClass.someProperty

* String

The indication of what someProperty is.

### Event: 'grelb'

* `isBlerg` {Boolean}

This event is emitted on instances of SomeClass, not on the module itself.
  • Modules have (description, Properties, Functions, Classes, Examples)
  • Properties have (type, description)
  • Functions have (list of arguments, description)
  • Classes have (description, Properties, Methods, Events)
  • Events have (list of arguments, description)
  • Methods have (list of arguments, description)
  • Properties have (type, description)

Stability ratings: 0-5

These can show up below any section heading, and apply to that section.

0 - Deprecated. This feature is known to be problematic, and changes are planned. Do not rely on it. Use of the feature may cause warnings. Backwards compatibility should not be expected.

1 - Experimental. This feature was introduced recently, and may change or be removed in future versions. Please try it out and provide feedback. If it addresses a use-case that is important to you, tell the node core team.

2 - Unstable. The API is in the process of settling, but has not yet had sufficient real-world testing to be considered stable. Backwards-compatibility will be maintained if reasonable.

3 - Stable. The API has proven satisfactory, but cleanup in the underlying code may cause minor changes. Backwards-compatibility is guaranteed.

4 - API Frozen. This API has been tested extensively in production and is unlikely to ever have to change.

5 - Locked. Unless serious bugs are found, this code will not ever change. Please do not suggest changes in this area, they will be refused.

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