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API changes between v0.4 and v0.6

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  • Cygwin build is no longer supported. Use native windows builds instead.
  • Buffer
    • The length optional third parameter was added to Buffer.write()
  • child_process
    • The customFds option to the child_process.spawn() method is deprecated. Only the values -1, 0, 1, 2 will work with customFds now and only if those are TTY file descriptors. You can however use the stdinStream, stdoutStream, and stderrStream options to achieve similar functionality.
    • You can no longer send a file descriptor through a unix pipe. Instead you can send a handle via child_process.fork().
    • The .pid property is not set to null when the child process exits. Listen for the 'exit' event instead.
  • dgram
    • The 'unix_dgram' type to the dgram.createSocket() is no longer supported. Use bnoordhuis/node-unix-dgram instead. Note: The Unix domain datagram is not the Internet domain datagram (UDP) which stays supported.
  • dns
    • dns.lookup() now uses getaddrinfo() in a thread pool instead of c-ares. The rest of the methods in the DNS module still use c-ares. Using the system resolver for common look ups is useful because it hooks into system MDNS lookups and /etc/host files and nsswitch, etc. Previously when using dns.lookup on invalid domain names like "****" the command returned an EBADNAME error. getaddrinfo() does not differentiate between invalid domains and ENOTFOUND (AKA NXDOMAIN). Therefore dns.lookup now returns ENOTFOUND when given malformated domain names like "*****".
  • events
    • C++ node::EventEmitter has been removed. Instead use node::MakeCallback()
    • EventEmitter.removeAllListeners() allows to remove all listeners at once.
  • fs
    • mode argument of fs.mkdir() and fs.mkdirSync() became an option (defaults to 0777).
    • fs.symlink() takes an optional mode argument, which can either be 'dir' or 'file'. The default is 'file'. This argument is only needed for Windows (it's ignored on other platforms).
  • http
    • http.request() and http.get() use Connection: Keep-Alive by default.
    • http.Agent.appendMessage() was removed.
    • http.getAgent() was removed. Use http.globalAgent instead.
    • Not http.Agent but http.ClientRequest emits 'upgrade' event.
  • https
    • https.request() and https.get() with default Agent ignore key, cert and ca options. Use custom Agent.
  • Module system
    • The require.paths have been removed (use NODE_PATH environment variable instead).
  • net
    • net.Server.listenFD() was no longer supported.
  • process

    • process.ENV was removed. Use process.env instead.
    • process.ARGV was removed. Use process.argv instead.
    • process.binding('stdio') was removed. This was a private API. You shouldn't have been using it in the first place.
    • process.binding('net') was removed.
    • process.memoryUsage().vsize was removed. You don't need it.
    • process.stdout and process.stderr are blocking when they refer to regular files or TTY file descriptors.
    • process.stdin, process.stdout and process.stderr are getters now. You can override it (if you really want to) like this:

      process.__defineGetter__('stdout', function() {
       return your_object;
  • stream

    • stream.pipe() doesn't emit 'pause'/'resume' events on the source stream which doesn't implement pause()/resume().
  • tty

    • tty.setWindowSize() was removed.
    • tty.getWindowSize(fd) was removed. Use process.stdout.getWindowSize() instead.
  • V8 (v3.1 to v3.6)

    • RegExp was no longer a Function (compliant with ES5). Use RegExp.exec() instead.
    • Date's string format without timezone (e.g., new Date('2011-06-06')) has been based on UTC, not local timezone (compliant with ES5). Use timezone explicitly (e.g., new Date('2011-06-06 00:00:00 +09:00')).
    • All standard properties of Error have been made non-enumerable (compliant with ES5). use util.inspect(err, true) if you want to show it.


  • assert
    • assert(val) as a shorthand for assert.ok(val)
  • Buffer
    • 'hex' encoding.
    • Buffer.readInt8()/readInt16LE()/readInt16BE()/readInt32LE()/readInt32BE()
    • Buffer.readUInt8()/readUInt16LE()/readUInt16BE()/readUInt32LE()/readUInt32BE()
    • Buffer.readFloatLE()/readFloatBE()/readDoubleLE()/readDoubleBE()
    • Buffer.writeInt8()/writeInt16LE()/writeInt16BE()/writeInt32LE()/writeInt32BE()
    • Buffer.writeUInt8()/writeUInt16LE()/writeUInt16BE()/writeUInt32LE()/writeUInt32BE()
    • Buffer.writeFloatLE()/writeFloatBE()/writeDoubleLE()/writeDoubleBE()
    • Buffer.fill()
    • Typed Arrays
  • child_process
    • child_process.fork()
  • cluster
  • crypto
    • crypto.createDiffieHellman(), crypto.pbkdf2(), crypto.randomBytes()
  • fs
    • fs.utimes()/utimesSync(), fs.futimes()/futimesSync()
    • start option to fs.createReadStream() and fs.createWriteStream().
  • http
    • http.ClientRequest.setTimeout()/setNoDelay()/setSocketKeepAlive()
    • auth option to http.request().
  • https
    • passphrase option to https.createServer(), https.request(), and https.get().
  • Module system
    • .json module.
    • module.require()
  • net
    • net.connect()
    • net.Socket.remotePort, bytesRead, bytesWritten
  • os
    • os.arch(), os.platform(), os.uptime(), os.networkInterfaces()
  • path
    • path.relative()
  • process
    • process.arch, process.uptime()
  • tls
  • util
    • util.format(), util.isArray(), util.isRegExp(), util.isDate(), util.isError().
  • zlib module
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