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API changes between v0.6 and v0.8

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  • http.Client()
  • path.{exists,existsSync} was moved to fs.{exists,existsSync}
  • tty.setRawMode(mode) was moved to tty.ReadStream#setRawMode() (i.e. process.stdin.setRawMode())
  • Direct use of ev_* and eio_* functions is deprecated. Please use the methods provided by libuv instead. For help porting from eio_custom to uv_queue_work, see this wiki page


  • waf build system - node.js will be using gyp now
    • If you are a native module author, migrate to node-gyp ASAP!
  • require('sys') throws, use require('util') now. The "sys" module was deprecated in node v0.4.
  • process.installPrefix has been removed (#3483). process.installPrefix was (accidentally) always undefined in node v0.6.
  • node --vars has been removed (#3483). node --vars always (accidentally) has empty output in node v0.6


  • process
    • process.stdin.on('keypress') will not be emitted by default, as it's an internal API.
  • cluster

    • cluster.fork() no longer return a child_process.fork() object use cluster.fork().process to get the object.
    • the 'death' event on the cluster object is renamed to 'exit'.
    • the kill() method is renamed to destroy().
    • the CLUSTER_WORKER_ID env is now called CLUSTER_UNIQUE_ID, but you should not have used that anyway.
    • workers now kill themselves when they accidentally lose their connection to the master.
  • http

    • http.Server emits 'connect' event instead of 'upgrade' when the CONNECT method is requested.
    • http.ServerResponse sends Date: header by default. You can disable it by setting response.sendDate to false.
    • http.ClientRequest emits 'connect' event instead of 'request' when the CONNECT method is responded.
  • child_process

    • arguments and options arguments of child_process.fork() became an option.
    • the 'exit' event is now emitted right after the child process exits. It no longer waits for all stdio pipes to be closed.
    • the 'close' event was added that has is emitted after the child has exited and all the stdio pipes are closed.
  • readline

    • arguments of rl.createInterface became an option as rl.createInterface(options) but still took an old style as rl.createInterface(input, output, completer)
  • url

    • url.parse() now parses IPv6 addresses.
    • url.parse() now escapes delimiters characters rather than truncating the input.
    • url.format() now escapes the auth section, and url.parse() decodes it.
  • fs

    • path.exists() and path.existsSync() has moved to fs.exists() and fs.existsSync().
    • fs.symlink type argument can now be 'junction' (for Windows only).
    • fs.realpath and fs.lstat work the same on Windows as on Unix
  • console

    • console.timeEnd now throws when there's no such label


  • buffer

    • 'utf16le' encoding.
  • child_process

    • silent option to child_process.fork() - stdout and stderr won't be shared with parent.
    • .disconnect() when using child_process.fork() this will allow the child to die gracefully.
    • stdio option for child_process.spawn() - configuration of child's stdio (file descriptors).
    • detached option for child_process.spawn() - make the child a process group leader (see docs)
    • child.send() can now send net.Server and net.Socket as second argument.
  • cluster

    • 'fork', 'online', 'listening', and 'setup' events.
    • Worker object which is provided from cluster.workers (in the master) or cluster.worker (in the worker).
    • env optional argument to cluster.fork().
    • cluster.setupMaster() and cluster.settings.
    • cluster.disconnect() and worker.disconnect().
    • what there before was internally known as workerID.
    • worker.suicide flag set when worker disconnect or die, indicate if this was an accidental death.
  • crypto

    • crypto.getDiffieHellman().
    • cipher.setAutoPadding() and decipher.setAutoPadding().
    • ciphers option to crypto.createCredentials().
  • domain

  • fs

    • fs.appendFile() and fs.appendFileSync().
    • wx, wx+, ax, and ax+ modes to and fs.openSync().
  • http

    • callback optional argument to server.close().
    • sendDate property to http.ServerResponse.
    • http.request() and http.get() can accept as their argument a url that is parsed with url.parse()
  • https

    • ciphers, rejectUnauthorized option to https.request() and https.get().
  • net

    • net.connect(options, [connectionListener]).
    • callback optional argument to server.close().
    • server.listen({ fd: someNumber }) to listen on arbitrary file descriptors.
  • process

    • process.abort().
    • process.hrtime(), hi-res timer with up to nanosecond granularity.
  • querystring

    • querystring.parse(str, [sep], [eq], [options]).
  • stream

    • 'utf16le' and 'ucs2' encoding to setEncoding().
  • tls

    • tls.CLIENT_RENEG_LIMIT and tls.CLIENT_RENEG_WINDOW to mitigate session renegotiation attacks
    • tls.connect(options, [secureConnectionListener]).
    • ciphers, rejectUnauthorized and socket options to tls.connect().
    • cleartextStream.getCipher() was added in the api doc and open to the public.
  • zlib

    • dictionary option.
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