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Project Organization

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Node is an open source project run by Joyent. Joyent employees both Ryan Dahl (ryah_) and Isaac Schlueter (isaacs).

Currently all changes to the Node repository are approved by Ryan.

Statements about the direction and progress on the Node project are made in a quarterly Roadmap email to the mailing list.

Community Leaders

There are a number of people who are very involved with development and generally familiar with what is happening:

  • Bert Belder (piscisaureus)
  • Tim Caswell (creationix)
  • TJ Holowaychuk (tjholowaychuk)
  • Felix Geisendoerfer (felixge)
  • Paul Querna (pqurena)
  • Matt Ranney (mjr_)
  • Mikeal Rogers (mikeal)
  • Micheil Smith (micheil)
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