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ryzokuken and nodejs-ci deps: update v8.gyp, features.gypi, unittests.gyp
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Latest commit ac60451 Dec 13, 2018
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.github doc: add multiple issue templates for GitHub Aug 12, 2018
benchmark tools: capitalize sentences Dec 10, 2018
deps deps: update v8.gyp, features.gypi, unittests.gyp Dec 13, 2018
doc util: add inspection getter option Dec 12, 2018
lib worker: drain messages from internal message port Dec 13, 2018
src src: fix merge conflicts while cherry-picking Dec 13, 2018
test test: update test-v8-stats Dec 13, 2018
tools deps: bump minimum icu version to 63 Dec 13, 2018
.clang-format tools: add `make format-cpp` to run clang-format on C++ diffs Aug 3, 2018
.editorconfig tools: unify .editorconfig rules for 2-space Oct 1, 2018
.eslintignore tools: use lint-md.js Sep 11, 2018
.eslintrc.js lib: move DEP0120 to end of life Dec 11, 2018
.gitattributes src: limit .gitattributes eol to vcbuild.bat Jan 13, 2015
.gitignore build: add .DS_store to .gitgnore Oct 15, 2018
.mailmap doc: update AUTHORS list Sep 14, 2018
.nycrc test: fix tests that fail under coverage May 22, 2018
.travis.yml build: remove sudo:false from .travis.yml Nov 20, 2018
AUTHORS doc: update AUTHORS list Sep 14, 2018
BSDmakefile node: rename from io.js to node Aug 23, 2015
BUILDING.md doc: add help on fixing IPv6 test failures Nov 16, 2018
CHANGELOG.md 2018-12-11, Version 10.14.2 'Dubnium' (LTS) Dec 11, 2018
CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md doc: simplify CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md Nov 2, 2018
COLLABORATOR_GUIDE.md doc: update Useful CI Jobs section of Collaborator Guide Dec 11, 2018
CONTRIBUTING.md doc: streamline CONTRIBUTING.md Nov 5, 2018
CPP_STYLE_GUIDE.md doc: add a note on usage scope of AliasedBuffer Dec 4, 2018
GOVERNANCE.md doc: wrap GOVERNANCE.md at 80 characters Nov 7, 2018
LICENSE doc: update LICENSE file Dec 7, 2018
Makefile tools: do not lint tools/inspector_protocol or tools/markupsafe Dec 10, 2018
README.md doc: update README for node-v8 repository Dec 13, 2018
SECURITY.md doc: add SECURITY.md to readme.md Nov 4, 2018
android-configure build: don't create directory for NDK toolchain Mar 22, 2017
common.gypi deps: update v8.gyp, features.gypi, unittests.gyp Dec 13, 2018
configure build: move meta-shebang back to `configure` Sep 7, 2018
configure.py http: switch default parser to llhttp Dec 9, 2018
node.gyp http: switch default parser to llhttp Dec 9, 2018
node.gypi http: switch default parser to llhttp Dec 9, 2018
vcbuild.bat build,win: pack the install-tools scripts for dist Dec 6, 2018


This is an automatically updated experimental version of Node.js with the lkgr (last known good revision) of V8.

The daily builds of this repo can be found at v8-canary. Do not use this in production!

This repository is not owned by @nodejs/v8, but they might be able to help with issues.

This project is bound by a Code of Conduct.