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Advocacy Ambassador program

The project aims to support and encourage developers and developer advocates to promote Node.js as a project and to help communicate key messages to their constituencies.

The ambassador program does that by:

  • Maintaining an up-to-date set of messages that it would like ambassadors to promote. These will be documented in the nodejs/ambassadors repository.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date set of topics on which additional content would benefit the community. These will be documented in the nodejs/ambassadors repository.
  • Providing a space for collaborators to share new topics/features they are working on, when they would be happy for ambassadors to help share and get early feedback.
  • Helping ambassadors promote content that aligns with the messages and topics defined through social media and other channels.
  • Advocating for ambassadors to be part of the OpenJS speakers bureau, even if the ambassador is not otherwise an active member of the project itself.

Ambassadors nominations

Any member of the Node.js organization may nominate an ambassador. The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) will review/approve ambassadors.

In the initial phase of the program:

  • there will be a maximum of 4 ambassadors
  • the term will be for the calendar year. After a year ambassadors automatically drop out of the ambassador list and must be re-nominated
  • ambassadors will be documented on the nodejs/ambassadors

The TSC may choose to remove an ambassador if things are not working out in terms of the content promoted and alignment with the project.

Members of the Node.js organization can nominate ambassadors by opening an issue in: TBD.

Reviewing content

Ambassadors are asked to share links to new content before asking for the content to be promoted. The goal is to provide the opportunity for collaborators to help improve content as opposed to a detailed nitpick review.

This is done by opening an issue in the nodejs/ambassadors repository on which access is limited to members of the Node.js organization. The issue may include the link to existing published content or a draft of the content itself.

Interested members of the Node.js organization may comment/make suggestions in the issue and the ambassadors are expected to consider those suggestions and update the content when they feel it is appropriate.

Explicit approval is not required in the issue (ie if there is zero input that's ok), but objections should addressed before requesting promotion.

Expectations on Ambassadors

Ambassadors are expected to engage both within the project and externally in a manner that is consistent with the projects Code of Conduct as well as the additional expectations outlined in MemberExpectations for a leadership position.

Promoting content

We trust ambassadors to only request promotion of content that lines up with the messages and topics outlined, that this content does not overly market their employer or product/business, and that they have followed the review process. An ambassador can request promotion of content in the following ways:

  • Requesting that a tweet be retweeted by the Node.js X account.
  • Requesting that a LinkedIn post be reposted by the Node.js LinkedIn account.
  • At mentioning the nodejs/ambassadors team to ask other ambassadors to repost
  • Posting a link to the content in the "what's new" issue in nodejs/ambassadors so that it goes out on the news feed.

Requests for a retweet or LinkedIn repost will be done by the foundation staff without any need for validation based on the request coming from an ambassador. These requests can be made through the existing social channel in the OpenJS Slack. For that reason and for communication purposes and collaboration opportunities ambassadors should be a member of the OpenJS Slack