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doc: reformat for-await-of

Instead of `for`-`await`-`of`, prefer `for await...of`.

PR-URL: #28425
Reviewed-By: Rich Trott <>
Reviewed-By: Luigi Pinca <>
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cjihrig authored and targos committed Jun 27, 2019
1 parent 3fea2e4 commit 14f6cee694fbed894c1f80b801db5797a273815d
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@@ -322,7 +322,7 @@ changes:

Create an `AsyncIterator` object that iterates through each line in the input
stream as a string. This method allows asynchronous iteration of
`readline.Interface` objects through `for`-`await`-`of` loops.
`readline.Interface` objects through `for await...of` loops.

Errors in the input stream are not forwarded.

@@ -556,7 +556,7 @@ rl.on('line', (line) => {

A common use case for `readline` is to consume an input file one line at a
time. The easiest way to do so is leveraging the [`fs.ReadStream`][] API as
well as a `for`-`await`-`of` loop:
well as a `for await...of` loop:

const fs = require('fs');
@@ -597,7 +597,7 @@ rl.on('line', (line) => {

Currently, `for`-`await`-`of` loop can be a bit slower. If `async` / `await`
Currently, `for await...of` loop can be a bit slower. If `async` / `await`
flow and speed are both essential, a mixed approach can be applied:


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