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* [Issues and Pull Requests](#issues-and-pull-requests)
* [Accepting Modifications](#accepting-modifications)
- [Useful CI Jobs](#useful-ci-jobs)
- [Internal vs. Public API](#internal-vs-public-api)
- [Breaking Changes](#breaking-changes)
- [Deprecations](#deprecations)
@@ -87,6 +88,27 @@ All pull requests that modify executable code should be subjected to
continuous integration tests on the
[project CI server](
#### Useful CI Jobs
* [`node-test-pull-request`](
is the standard CI run we do to check Pull Requests. It triggers `node-test-commit`,
which runs the `build-ci` and `test-ci` targets on all supported platforms.
* [`node-test-linter`](
only runs the linter targets, which is useful for changes that only affect comments
or documentation.
* [`citgm-smoker`](
uses [`CitGM`]( to allow you to run `npm install && npm test`
on a large selection of common modules. This is useful to check whether a
change will cause breakage in the ecosystem. To test Node.JS ABI changes
you can run [`citgm-abi-smoker`](
* [`node-stress-single-test`](
is designed to allow one to run a group of tests over and over on a specific
platform to confirm that the test is reliable.
### Internal vs. Public API
Due to the nature of the JavaScript language, it can often be difficult to

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