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doc: make more accurate

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Reviewed-By: Anna Henningsen <>
Reviewed-By: Colin Ihrig <>
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vsemozhetbyt authored and addaleax committed Jan 5, 2019
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@@ -1377,5 +1377,5 @@ require('./build/Release/addon');
[installation instructions]:
[require]: modules.html#modules_require
[require]: modules.html#modules_require_id
@@ -2188,7 +2188,7 @@ such as `process.stdout.on('data')`.
[`process.setUncaughtExceptionCaptureCallback()`]: process.html#process_process_setuncaughtexceptioncapturecallback_fn
[`readable._read()`]: stream.html#stream_readable_read_size_1
[`require('crypto').setEngine()`]: crypto.html#crypto_crypto_setengine_engine_flags
[`require()`]: modules.html#modules_require
[`require()`]: modules.html#modules_require_id
[`server.close()`]: net.html#net_server_close_callback
[`server.listen()`]: net.html#net_server_listen
[`sign.sign()`]: crypto.html#crypto_sign_sign_privatekey_outputencoding
@@ -242,7 +242,7 @@ The object that acts as the namespace for all W3C
[`exports`]: modules.html#modules_exports
[`module`]: modules.html#modules_module
[`process` object]: process.html#process_process
[`require()`]: modules.html#modules_require
[`require()`]: modules.html#modules_require_id
[`setImmediate`]: timers.html#timers_setimmediate_callback_args
[`setInterval`]: timers.html#timers_setinterval_callback_delay_args
[`setTimeout`]: timers.html#timers_settimeout_callback_delay_args
@@ -313,7 +313,7 @@ required filename with the added extensions: `.js`, `.json`, and finally

`.js` files are interpreted as JavaScript text files, and `.json` files are
parsed as JSON text files. `.node` files are interpreted as compiled addon
modules loaded with `dlopen`.
modules loaded with `process.dlopen()`.

A required module prefixed with `'/'` is an absolute path to the file. For
example, `require('/home/marco/foo.js')` will load the file at
@@ -527,6 +527,8 @@ added: v0.1.12

<!-- type=var -->

* {Object}

A reference to the `module.exports` that is shorter to type.
See the section about the [exports shortcut][] for details on when to use
`exports` and when to use `module.exports`.
@@ -538,20 +540,21 @@ added: v0.1.16

<!-- type=var -->

* {Object}
* {module}

A reference to the current module, see the section about the
[`module` object][]. In particular, `module.exports` is used for defining what
a module exports and makes available through `require()`.

### require()
### require(id)
<!-- YAML
added: v0.1.13

<!-- type=var -->

* {Function}
* `id` {string} module name or path
* Returns: {any} exported module content

Used to import modules, `JSON`, and local files. Modules can be imported
from `node_modules`. Local modules and JSON files can be imported using
@@ -600,7 +603,7 @@ Process files with the extension `.sjs` as `.js`:
require.extensions['.sjs'] = require.extensions['.js'];

**Deprecated** In the past, this list has been used to load
**Deprecated.** In the past, this list has been used to load
non-JavaScript modules into Node.js by compiling them on-demand.
However, in practice, there are much better ways to do this, such as
loading modules via some other Node.js program, or compiling them to
@@ -622,7 +625,7 @@ should be discouraged.
added: v0.1.17

* {Object}
* {module}

The `Module` object representing the entry script loaded when the Node.js
process launched.
@@ -676,7 +679,7 @@ changes:
Use the internal `require()` machinery to look up the location of a module,
but rather than loading the module, just return the resolved filename.

#### require.resolve.paths(request)
##### require.resolve.paths(request)
<!-- YAML
added: v8.9.0
@@ -820,7 +823,7 @@ added: v0.1.16

* {string}

The fully resolved filename to the module.
The fully resolved filename of the module.

<!-- YAML
@@ -866,9 +869,9 @@ added: v0.5.1

* `id` {string}
* Returns: {Object} `module.exports` from the resolved module
* Returns: {any} exported module content

The `module.require` method provides a way to load a module as if
The `module.require()` method provides a way to load a module as if
`require()` was called from the original module.

In order to do this, it is necessary to get a reference to the `module` object.
@@ -912,7 +915,7 @@ added: v10.12.0

* `filename` {string} Filename to be used to construct the relative require
* Returns: {[`require`][]} Require function
* Returns: {require} Require function

const { createRequireFromPath } = require('module');
@@ -922,13 +925,12 @@ const requireUtil = createRequireFromPath('../src/utils');

[GLOBAL_FOLDERS]: #modules_loading_from_the_global_folders
[`Error`]: errors.html#errors_class_error
[`__dirname`]: #modules_dirname
[`__filename`]: #modules_filename
[`module` object]: #modules_the_module_object
[`path.dirname()`]: path.html#path_path_dirname_path
[`require`]: #modules_require
[GLOBAL_FOLDERS]: #modules_loading_from_the_global_folders
[exports shortcut]: #modules_exports_shortcut
[module resolution]: #modules_all_together
[module wrapper]: #modules_the_module_wrapper
@@ -92,6 +92,7 @@ const customTypesMap = {
'https.Server': 'https.html#https_class_https_server',

'module': 'modules.html#modules_the_module_object',
'require': 'modules.html#modules_require_id',

'Handle': 'net.html#net_server_listen_handle_backlog_callback',
'net.Server': 'net.html#net_class_net_server',

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