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crypto: use check macros in CipherBase::SetAuthTag

PR-URL: #9395
Reviewed-By: Anna Henningsen <>
Reviewed-By: Colin Ihrig <>
Reviewed-By: James M Snell <>
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fanatid authored and jasnell committed Nov 1, 2016
1 parent a469f85 commit 1ef401ce92d6195878b9d041cc969612628f5852
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@@ -3440,15 +3440,12 @@ bool CipherBase::SetAuthTag(const char* data, unsigned int len) {
void CipherBase::SetAuthTag(const FunctionCallbackInfo<Value>& args) {
Environment* env = Environment::GetCurrent(args);
Local<Object> buf = args[0].As<Object>();
if (!buf->IsObject() || !Buffer::HasInstance(buf))
return env->ThrowTypeError("Auth tag must be a Buffer");
THROW_AND_RETURN_IF_NOT_BUFFER(args[0], "Auth tag");
CipherBase* cipher;
ASSIGN_OR_RETURN_UNWRAP(&cipher, args.Holder());
if (!cipher->SetAuthTag(Buffer::Data(buf), Buffer::Length(buf)))
if (!cipher->SetAuthTag(Buffer::Data(args[0]), Buffer::Length(args[0])))
env->ThrowError("Attempting to set auth tag in unsupported state");

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