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@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ back in to the CTC.
* [Website](#website)
* [Streams](#streams)
* [Build](#build)
* [Tracing](#tracing)
* [Diagnostics](#diagnostics)
* [i18n](#i18n)
* [Evangelism](#evangelism)
* [Roadmap](#roadmap)
@@ -81,17 +81,22 @@ Its responsibilities are:
* Creates and manages build-containers.
### [Tracing](
### [Diagnostics](
The tracing working group's purpose is to increase the
transparency of software written in Node.js.
The diagnostics working group's purpose is to surface a set of comprehensive,
documented, and extensible diagnostic interfaces for use by
Node.js tools and JavaScript VMs.
Its responsibilities are:
* Collaboration with V8 to integrate with `trace_event`.
* Maintenance and iteration on AsyncWrap.
* Maintenance and improvements to system tracing support (DTrace, LTTng, etc.)
* Documentation of tracing and debugging techniques.
* Fostering a tracing and debugging ecosystem.
* Collaborate with V8 to integrate `v8_inspector` into Node.js.
* Collaborate with V8 to integrate `trace_event` into Node.js.
* Collaborate with Core to refine `async_wrap` and `async_hooks`.
* Maintain and improve OS trace system integration (e.g. ETW, LTTNG, dtrace).
* Document diagnostic capabilities and APIs in Node.js and its components.
* Explore opportunities and gaps, discuss feature requests, and address
conflicts in Node.js diagnostics.
* Foster an ecosystem of diagnostics tools for Node.js.
### i18n

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