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doc,fs: add extends for derived classes

PR-URL: #29304
Reviewed-By: Luigi Pinca <>
Reviewed-By: James M Snell <>
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trivikr authored and BridgeAR committed Aug 25, 2019
1 parent a2c7047 commit 395245f1eb54ada2faeedaf8a94983e49683feb7
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@@ -374,11 +374,13 @@ value is determined by the `options.encoding` passed to [`fs.readdir()`][] or
added: v0.5.8

* Extends {EventEmitter}

A successful call to [``][] method will return a new `fs.FSWatcher`

All `fs.FSWatcher` objects are [`EventEmitter`][]'s that will emit a `'change'`
event whenever a specific watched file is modified.
All `fs.FSWatcher` objects emit a `'change'` event whenever a specific watched
file is modified.

### Event: 'change'
<!-- YAML
@@ -437,11 +439,11 @@ Stop watching for changes on the given `fs.FSWatcher`. Once stopped, the
added: v0.1.93

* Extends: {stream.Readable}

A successful call to `fs.createReadStream()` will return a new `fs.ReadStream`

All `fs.ReadStream` objects are [Readable Streams][].

### Event: 'close'
<!-- YAML
added: v0.1.93
@@ -860,7 +862,7 @@ of 0.12, `ctime` is not "creation time", and on Unix systems, it never was.
added: v0.1.93

`WriteStream` is a [Writable Stream][].
* Extends {stream.Writable}

### Event: 'close'
<!-- YAML
@@ -1536,7 +1538,7 @@ changes:
* `start` {integer}
* `end` {integer} **Default:** `Infinity`
* `highWaterMark` {integer} **Default:** `64 * 1024`
* Returns: {fs.ReadStream} See [Readable Streams][].
* Returns: {fs.ReadStream}

Unlike the 16 kb default `highWaterMark` for a readable stream, the stream
returned by this method has a default `highWaterMark` of 64 kb.
@@ -1628,7 +1630,7 @@ changes:
* `autoClose` {boolean} **Default:** `true`
* `emitClose` {boolean} **Default:** `false`
* `start` {integer}
* Returns: {fs.WriteStream} See [Writable Stream][].
* Returns: {fs.WriteStream}

`options` may also include a `start` option to allow writing data at
some position past the beginning of the file, allowed values are in the
@@ -5210,7 +5212,6 @@ the file contents.
[`Buffer.byteLength`]: buffer.html#buffer_class_method_buffer_bytelength_string_encoding
[`Buffer`]: buffer.html#buffer_buffer
[`EventEmitter`]: events.html
[`ReadStream`]: #fs_class_fs_readstream
@@ -5264,8 +5265,6 @@ the file contents.
[Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces]:
[Readable Streams]: stream.html#stream_class_stream_readable
[Writable Stream]: stream.html#stream_class_stream_writable
[support of file system `flags`]: #fs_file_system_flags

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