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doc: fix, unify, formalize, and amplify

`vm` module API heavily reuses common code, but the doc seems
to be a bit out of date: some options are listed in wrong places,
some options and history entries are missed.

Also some fragments need to be formalized and unified.

PR-URL: #25422
Reviewed-By: Gus Caplan <>
Reviewed-By: Ujjwal Sharma <>
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vsemozhetbyt authored and addaleax committed Jan 9, 2019
1 parent ebd2027 commit 3db7a9ffbae71623232de535f075b07a3d2a46b5
Showing with 211 additions and 86 deletions.
  1. +1 −1 doc/api/
  2. +203 −85 doc/api/
  3. +7 −0 tools/doc/type-parser.js
@@ -414,7 +414,7 @@ A subclass of [`Deserializer`][] corresponding to the format written by
[`serializer.releaseBuffer()`]: #v8_serializer_releasebuffer
[`serializer.transferArrayBuffer()`]: #v8_serializer_transferarraybuffer_id_arraybuffer
[`serializer.writeRawBytes()`]: #v8_serializer_writerawbytes_buffer
[`vm.Script`]: vm.html#vm_new_vm_script_code_options
[`vm.Script`]: vm.html#vm_constructor_new_vm_script_code_options
[HTML structured clone algorithm]:

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