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doc: document timed out Travis CI builds

PR-URL: #30469
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richardlau committed Nov 13, 2019
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@@ -176,6 +176,13 @@ All pull requests must pass continuous integration tests. Code changes must pass
on [project CI server]( Pull requests that only change
documentation and comments can use Travis CI results.

Travis CI jobs have a fixed running time limit that building Node.js sometimes
exceeds. If the `Compile Node.js` Travis CI job has timed out it will fail after
around 45 minutes. The exit code will be 143, indicating that a `SIGTERM` signal
terminated the `make` command. When this happens, restart the timed out job. It
will reuse built artifacts from the previous timed-out run, and thus take less
time to complete.

Do not land any pull requests without passing (green or yellow) CI runs. If
there are CI failures unrelated to the change in the pull request, try "Resume
Build". It is in the left navigation of the relevant `node-test-pull-request`

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