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buffer: docs-only deprecate SlowBuffer

With the addition of `Buffer.allocUnsafeSlow(size)`
`SlowBuffer` can be deprecated... but docs-only for now.

PR-URL: #5833
Reviewed-By: Сковорода Никита Андреевич <>
Reviewed-By: Trevor Norris <>
Reviewed-By: Sakthipriyan Vairamani <>
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jasnell committed Mar 21, 2016
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@@ -1783,6 +1783,9 @@ Note that this is a property on the `buffer` module as returned by

## Class: SlowBuffer

Stability: 0 - Deprecated: Use
[`Buffer.allocUnsafeSlow(size)`][buffer_allocunsafeslow] instead.

Returns an un-pooled `Buffer`.

In order to avoid the garbage collection overhead of creating many individually
@@ -1813,6 +1816,9 @@ has observed undue memory retention in their applications.

### new SlowBuffer(size)

Stability: 0 - Deprecated: Use
[`Buffer.allocUnsafeSlow(size)`][buffer_allocunsafeslow] instead.

* `size` Number

Allocates a new `SlowBuffer` of `size` bytes. The `size` must be less than

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