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doc: remove redundant warning information

process.emitWarning() already describes how to emit custom warnings,
so just merely provide a link to that function from the 'warning'
event documentation.

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@@ -312,50 +312,6 @@ $ node --no-warnings
The `--trace-warnings` command-line option can be used to have the default
console output for warnings include the full stack trace of the warning.
#### Emitting custom warnings
The [`process.emitWarning()`][process_emit_warning] method can be used to issue
custom or application specific warnings.
// Emit a warning using a string...
process.emitWarning('Something happened!');
// Prints: (node 12345) Warning: Something happened!
// Emit a warning using an object...
process.emitWarning('Something Happened!', 'CustomWarning');
// Prints: (node 12345) CustomWarning: Something happened!
// Emit a warning using a custom Error object...
class CustomWarning extends Error {
constructor(message) {
super(message); = 'CustomWarning';
Error.captureStackTrace(this, CustomWarning);
const myWarning = new CustomWarning('Something happened!');
// Prints: (node 12345) CustomWarning: Something happened!
#### Emitting custom deprecation warnings
Custom deprecation warnings can be emitted by setting the `name` of a custom
warning to `DeprecationWarning`. For instance:
process.emitWarning('This API is deprecated', 'DeprecationWarning');
const err = new Error('This API is deprecated'); = 'DeprecationWarning';
Launching Node.js using the `--throw-deprecation` command line flag will
cause custom deprecation warnings to be thrown as exceptions.
@@ -368,6 +324,11 @@ of the custom deprecation.
The `*-deprecation` command line flags only affect warnings that use the name
#### Emitting custom warnings
See the [`process.emitWarning()`][process_emit_warning] method for issuing
custom or application-specific warnings.
### Signal Events

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