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test: remove disabled tls_server.js

Remove tls_server.js that has been disabled for about 6 years. It
appears to have worked in concert with some other file which has since
been removed. It seems to create a server and set up a bunch of
listeners, but it does not appear to have code that connects to the
server and triggers any of those listeners.

PR-URL: #12275
Reviewed-By: Richard Lau <>
Reviewed-By: Yuta Hiroto <>
Reviewed-By: Refael Ackermann <>
Reviewed-By: Alexey Orlenko <>
Reviewed-By: Colin Ihrig <>
Reviewed-By: Gibson Fahnestock <>
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Trott committed Apr 7, 2017
1 parent baa2602 commit 569f988be728e243db5368e46a073d0e1c85cab5
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  1. +0 −68 test/disabled/tls_server.js

This file was deleted.

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