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doc: remove incorrect and outdated example

PR-URL: #30138
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tniessen committed Oct 26, 2019
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@@ -613,24 +613,6 @@ Emitted when the cluster master receives a message from any worker.

See [`child_process` event: `'message'`][].

Before Node.js v6.0, this event emitted only the message and the handle,
but not the worker object, contrary to what the documentation stated.

If support for older versions is required but a worker object is not
required, it is possible to work around the discrepancy by checking the
number of arguments:

cluster.on('message', (worker, message, handle) => {
if (arguments.length === 2) {
handle = message;
message = worker;
worker = undefined;
// ...

## Event: 'online'
<!-- YAML
added: v0.7.0

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