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doc: explain backport labels
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they can be landed in an LTS staging branch. Only after "maturation" will those
commits be cherry-picked or backported.

## How to label backport issues and PRs?

For the following labels, the `N` in `vN.x` refers to the major release number.

| Label | Description |
| ----------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| backport-blocked-vN.x | PRs that should land on the vN.x-staging branch but are blocked by another PR's pending backport. |
| backport-open-vN.x | Indicate that the PR has an open backport. |
| backport-requested-vN.x | PRs awaiting manual backport to the vN.x-staging branch. |
| backported-to-vN.x | PRs backported to the vN.x-staging branch. |
| baking-for-lts | PRs that need to wait before landing in a LTS release. |
| lts-watch-vN.x | PRs that may need to be released in vN.x. |
| vN.x | Issues that can be reproduced on vN.x or PRs targeting the vN.x-staging branch. |

## How to submit a backport pull request

For the following steps, let's assume that a backport is needed for the v10.x
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