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Node.js has a simple module loading system. In Node.js, files and modules
are in one-to-one correspondence (each file is treated as a separate module).
As an example, `foo.js` loads the module `circle.js` in the same directory.
The contents of `foo.js`:
As an example, consider a file named `foo.js`:
const circle = require('./circle.js');
console.log(`The area of a circle of radius 4 is ${circle.area(4)}`);
The contents of `circle.js`:
On the first line, `foo.js` loads the module `circle.js` that is in the same
directory as `foo.js`.
Here are the contents of `circle.js`:
const PI = Math.PI;
exports.area = (r) => PI * r * r;
exports.circumference = (r) => 2 * PI * r;
The module `circle.js` has exported the functions `area()` and

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