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build: clear stalled jobs on POSIX CI hosts

Sometimes, after a cluster or debug test fails, a fixture hangs around
and holds onto a needed port, causing subsequent CI runs to fail. This
adds a command I've been running manually when this occurs. The command
will clear the stalled jobs before a CI run.

PR-URL: #11246
Reviewed-By: James M Snell <>
Reviewed-By: Michael Dawson <>
Reviewed-By: Gibson Fahnestock <>
Reviewed-By: Santiago Gimeno <>
Reviewed-By: Josh Gavant <>
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Trott authored and italoacasas committed Feb 8, 2017
1 parent e1beb9f commit 67d4dc061cce0e71fe3759f1b6eb1522a02b45ad
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@@ -188,6 +188,15 @@ test/addons/.buildstamp: config.gypi \
# TODO(bnoordhuis) Force rebuild after gyp update.
build-addons: $(NODE_EXE) test/addons/.buildstamp
ifeq ($(OSTYPE),$(filter $(OSTYPE),darwin aix))
XARGS = xargs
XARGS = xargs -r
ps awwx | grep Release/node | grep -v grep | cat
ps awwx | grep Release/node | grep -v grep | awk '{print $$1}' | $(XARGS) kill
test-gc: all test/gc/node_modules/weak/build/Release/weakref.node
$(PYTHON) tools/ --mode=release gc
@@ -210,13 +219,13 @@ test-ci-native: | test/addons/.buildstamp
# This target should not use a native compiler at all
test-ci-js: | clear-stalled
$(PYTHON) tools/ $(PARALLEL_ARGS) -p tap --logfile test.tap \
--mode=release --flaky-tests=$(FLAKY_TESTS) \
test-ci: LOGLEVEL := info
test-ci: | build-addons
test-ci: | clear-stalled build-addons
out/Release/cctest --gtest_output=tap:cctest.tap
$(PYTHON) tools/ $(PARALLEL_ARGS) -p tap --logfile test.tap \
--mode=release --flaky-tests=$(FLAKY_TESTS) \
@@ -764,4 +773,4 @@ endif
bench-all bench bench-misc bench-array bench-buffer bench-net \
bench-http bench-fs bench-tls cctest run-ci test-v8 test-v8-intl \
test-v8-benchmarks test-v8-all v8 lint-ci bench-ci jslint-ci doc-only \
$(TARBALL)-headers test-ci test-ci-native test-ci-js build-ci
$(TARBALL)-headers test-ci test-ci-native test-ci-js build-ci clear-stalled

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