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    Add documentation for FunctionCallbackInfo,,

    Change-Id: I273f5ce305f80b2aa5e9c8c42a6e8e5afc51a0a7
    Reviewed-by: Kentaro Hara <>
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Ref: v8/v8@4fdf9fd

PR-URL: #12875
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jeisinger authored and jasnell committed Apr 21, 2017
1 parent f118f7a commit 6e1407c3b30ded1bd5666a5fbed053f8acca6aad
Showing with 23 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +23 −1 deps/v8/include/v8.h
@@ -3480,16 +3480,34 @@ class ReturnValue {
template<typename T>
class FunctionCallbackInfo {
/** The number of available arguments. */
V8_INLINE int Length() const;
/** Accessor for the available arguments. */
V8_INLINE Local<Value> operator[](int i) const;
V8_INLINE V8_DEPRECATED("Use Data() to explicitly pass Callee instead",
Local<Function> Callee() const);
/** Returns the receiver. This corresponds to the "this" value. */
V8_INLINE Local<Object> This() const;
* If the callback was created without a Signature, this is the same
* value as This(). If there is a signature, and the signature didn't match
* This() but one of its hidden prototypes, this will be the respective
* hidden prototype.
* Note that this is not the prototype of This() on which the accessor
* referencing this callback was found (which in V8 internally is often
* referred to as holder [sic]).
V8_INLINE Local<Object> Holder() const;
/** For construct calls, this returns the "" value. */
V8_INLINE Local<Value> NewTarget() const;
/** Indicates whether this is a regular call or a construct call. */
V8_INLINE bool IsConstructCall() const;
/** The data argument specified when creating the callback. */
V8_INLINE Local<Value> Data() const;
/** The current Isolate. */
V8_INLINE Isolate* GetIsolate() const;
/** The ReturnValue for the call. */
V8_INLINE ReturnValue<T> GetReturnValue() const;
// This shouldn't be public, but the arm compiler needs it.
static const int kArgsLength = 8;
@@ -5562,9 +5580,13 @@ class V8_EXPORT ObjectTemplate : public Template {
friend class FunctionTemplate;
* A Signature specifies which receiver is valid for a function.
* A receiver matches a given signature if the receiver (or any of its
* hidden prototypes) was created from the signature's FunctionTemplate, or
* from a FunctionTemplate that inherits directly or indirectly from the
* signature's FunctionTemplate.
class V8_EXPORT Signature : public Data {

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