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doc: cross-link util.TextDecoder and

Also, note about builds without ICU
and ASCII-sort some bottom references.

PR-URL: #14486
Reviewed-By: Luigi Pinca <>
Reviewed-By: James M Snell <>
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@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ programs. Some of them are:
- The [WHATWG URL parser][]'s [internationalized domain names][] (IDNs) support
- [`require('buffer').transcode()`][]
- More accurate [REPL][] line editing
- [`require('util').TextDecoder`][]

Node.js (and its underlying V8 engine) uses [ICU][] to implement these features
in native C/C++ code. However, some of them require a very large ICU data file
@@ -51,6 +52,7 @@ option:
| [WHATWG URL Parser][] | partial (no IDN support) | full | full | full
| [`require('buffer').transcode()`][] | none (function does not exist) | full | full | full
| [REPL][] | partial (inaccurate line editing) | full | full | full
| [`require('util').TextDecoder`][] | none (class does not exist) | partial/full (depends on OS) | partial (Unicode-only) | full

*Note*: The "(not locale-aware)" designation denotes that the function carries
out its operation just like the non-`Locale` version of the function, if one
@@ -184,26 +186,27 @@ to be helpful:
- [Test262][]: ECMAScript's official conformance test suite includes a section
dedicated to ECMA-402.

["ICU Data"]:
[`--icu-data-dir`]: cli.html#cli_icu_data_dir_file
[internationalized domain names]:
[`NODE_ICU_DATA`]: cli.html#cli_node_icu_data_file
[REPL]: repl.html#repl_repl
[`require('buffer').transcode()`]: buffer.html#buffer_buffer_transcode_source_fromenc_toenc
[`require('util').TextDecoder`]: util.html#util_class_util_textdecoder
[REPL]: repl.html#repl_repl
[WHATWG URL parser]: url.html#url_the_whatwg_url_api
[internationalized domain names]:
@@ -560,7 +560,8 @@ string += decoder.decode(); // end-of-stream
Per the [WHATWG Encoding Standard][], the encodings supported by the
`TextDecoder` API are outlined in the tables below. For each encoding,
one or more aliases may be used. Support for some encodings is enabled
only when Node.js is using the full ICU data.
only when Node.js is using the full ICU data (see [Internationalization][]).
`util.TextDecoder` is `undefined` when ICU is not enabled during build.

##### Encodings Supported By Default

@@ -1158,18 +1159,19 @@ deprecated: v0.11.3
Deprecated predecessor of `console.log`.

[`'uncaughtException'`]: process.html#process_event_uncaughtexception
[`Buffer.isBuffer()`]: buffer.html#buffer_class_method_buffer_isbuffer_obj
[`Error`]: errors.html#errors_class_error
[`console.error()`]: console.html#console_console_error_data_args
[`console.log()`]: console.html#console_console_log_data_args
[`'uncaughtException'`]: process.html#process_event_uncaughtexception
[`util.inspect()`]: #util_util_inspect_object_options
[`util.promisify()`]: #util_util_promisify_original
[Custom inspection functions on Objects]: #util_custom_inspection_functions_on_objects
[Customizing `util.inspect` colors]: #util_customizing_util_inspect_colors
[Custom promisified functions]: #util_custom_promisified_functions
[Customizing `util.inspect` colors]: #util_customizing_util_inspect_colors
[Internationalization]: intl.html
[WHATWG Encoding Standard]:
[semantically incompatible]:
[WHATWG Encoding Standard]:

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