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meta: provide example activities

Provide example activities to better distinguish Collaborator activities
from CTC member activities.

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@@ -56,6 +56,18 @@ For the current list of Collaborators, see the project
A guide for Collaborators is maintained in
Typical activities of a Collaborator include:
* helping users and novice contributors
* contributing code and documentation changes that improve the project
* reviewing and commenting on issues and pull requests
* participation in working groups
* merging pull requests
While the above are typical things done by Collaborators, there are no required
activities to retain Collaborator status. There is currently no process by which
inactive Collaborators are removed from the project.
## CTC Membership
CTC seats are not time-limited. There is no fixed size of the CTC. The CTC
@@ -80,6 +92,18 @@ the CTC membership shares an employer, then the situation must be
immediately remedied by the resignation or removal of one or more CTC
members affiliated with the over-represented employer(s).
Typical activities of a CTC member include:
* attending the weekly meeting
* commenting on the weekly CTC meeting issue and issues labeled `ctc-agenda`
* participating in CTC email threads
* volunteering for tasks that arise from CTC meetings and related discussions
* other activities (beyond those typical of Collaborators) that facilitate the
smooth day-to-day operation of the Node.js project
Note that CTC members are also Collaborators and therefore typically perform
Collaborator activities as well.
## CTC Meetings
The CTC meets weekly in a voice conference call. The meeting is run by a

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