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@@ -24,8 +24,9 @@ understand the project governance model as outlined in
## Issues and Pull Requests
Courtesy should always be shown to individuals submitting issues and
pull requests to the Node.js project.
Courtesy should **always** be shown to individuals submitting issues and pull
requests to the Node.js project. Be welcoming to first time contributors,
identified by the GitHub ![badge](./doc/first_timer_badge.png) badge.
Collaborators should feel free to take full responsibility for
managing issues and pull requests they feel qualified to handle, as
@@ -68,6 +69,9 @@ wide-reaching impact), and focused changes that affect only documentation
and/or the test suite, may be landed after a shorter delay if they have
multiple approvals.
For first time contributors, ask the author if they have configured their git
username and email to their liking as per [this guide][git-username].
For non-breaking changes, if there is no disagreement amongst
Collaborators, a pull request may be landed given appropriate review.
Where there is discussion amongst Collaborators, consensus should be
@@ -362,10 +366,8 @@ The TSC should serve as the final arbiter where required.
* If you do, please force-push removing the merge.
* Reasons for not using the web interface button:
* The merge method will add an unnecessary merge commit.
* The rebase & merge method adds metadata to the commit title.
* The rebase method changes the author.
* The squash & merge method has been known to add metadata to the
commit title.
commit title (the PR #).
* If more than one author has contributed to the PR, keep the most recent
author when squashing.
@@ -675,3 +677,4 @@ LTS working group and the Release team.
[backporting guide]: doc/guides/
[Stability Index]: doc/api/
[Enhancement Proposal]:
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