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build: update android-configure script for npm

Now, that we can cross-compile node for Android, we also need to take
care of native node modules installed with npm. Since there is no way to
install and run npm on an Android device, we could instal node on host
and setup an environment for installing node modules and cross-compile
the native sources using Android NDK.
The changes to this script will allow npm, when installing a module, to
compile it using NDK.

In order to do this, the developer should do the following steps:
1. Compile and install node on host, using: configure, make and make
2. Build node for Android, using: source android-configure <path_to_ndk>
arch and make
3. Push node binary to Android device
4. Using the same session, configure npm arch using: npm config set
5. Install desired node modules using: npm install
6. Push installed node modules to Android device

Signed-off-by: Robert Chiras <>
PR-URL: #6349
Reviewed-By: Ben Noordhuis <>
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robertchiras authored and bnoordhuis committed Apr 22, 2016
1 parent ae991e7 commit a4b80000293c6874e68ba11ca5ba8e4969170a86
Showing with 22 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +22 −5 android-configure
@@ -1,5 +1,14 @@

# In order to cross-compile node for Android using NDK, run:
# source android-configure <path_to_ndk> [arch]
# By running android-configure with source, will allow environment variables to
# be persistent in current session. This is useful for installing native node
# modules with npm. Also, don't forget to set the arch in npm config using
# 'npm config set arch=<arch>'

if [ -z "$2" ]; then
@@ -42,8 +51,16 @@ export CC=$TOOLCHAIN/bin/$SUFFIX-gcc
export CXX=$TOOLCHAIN/bin/$SUFFIX-g++
export LINK=$TOOLCHAIN/bin/$SUFFIX-g++

./configure \
--dest-cpu=$DEST_CPU \
--dest-os=android \
--without-snapshot \
GYP_DEFINES+=" v8_target_arch=$ARCH"
GYP_DEFINES+=" android_target_arch=$ARCH"
GYP_DEFINES+=" host_os=linux OS=android"

if [ -f "configure" ]; then
./configure \
--dest-cpu=$DEST_CPU \
--dest-os=android \
--without-snapshot \

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