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util: introduce `[…]` type checks

Provide public APIs for native typechecking that is actually useful.
The motivation for this is providing alternatives to userland
modules that would currently rely on `process.binding('util')`.

PR-URL: #18415
Reviewed-By: Evan Lucas <>
Reviewed-By: Joyee Cheung <>
Reviewed-By: Colin Ihrig <>
Reviewed-By: James M Snell <>
Reviewed-By: Tiancheng "Timothy" Gu <>
Reviewed-By: Сковорода Никита Андреевич <>
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addaleax committed Jan 27, 2018
1 parent bd6e0be commit b20af8088a4d5cccb1901d42107f6d9ca82d306f
@@ -932,6 +932,14 @@ Using the `noAssert` argument has no functionality anymore. All input is going
to be verified, no matter if it is set to true or not. Skipping the verification
could lead to hard to find errors and crashes.
<a id="DEP0XXX"></a>

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ChALkeR Mar 5, 2018


@addaleax 😢 This should have been assigned to a number on landing, afaik.

### DEP0XXX: process.binding('util').is[...] typechecks
Type: Documentation-only (supports [`--pending-deprecation`][])
Using `process.binding()` in general should be avoided. The type checking
methods in particular can be replaced by using [`util.types`][].
[`--pending-deprecation`]: cli.html#cli_pending_deprecation
[`Buffer.allocUnsafeSlow(size)`]: buffer.html#buffer_class_method_buffer_allocunsafeslow_size
[`Buffer.from(array)`]: buffer.html#buffer_class_method_buffer_from_array
@@ -1000,6 +1008,7 @@ could lead to hard to find errors and crashes.
[`util.log()`]: util.html#util_util_log_string
[`util.print()`]: util.html#util_util_print_strings
[`util.puts()`]: util.html#util_util_puts_strings
[`util.types`]: util.html#util_util_types
[`util`]: util.html
[`worker.exitedAfterDisconnect`]: cluster.html#cluster_worker_exitedafterdisconnect
[alloc]: buffer.html#buffer_class_method_buffer_alloc_size_fill_encoding
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commented on b20af80 Apr 25, 2018


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