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deps: upgrade npm beta to 5.0.0-beta.56

PR-URL: #12936
Reviewed-By: Anna Henningsen <>
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zkat authored and addaleax committed May 23, 2017
1 parent 9946173 commit c0d858f8bb8ba5212548da2fba6a7bc02db0462b
Showing 1,396 changed files with 73,700 additions and 27,239 deletions.
@@ -43,9 +43,9 @@ cache:
- node_modules/tacks
- node_modules/tap
- "node . prune"
- "node . rebuild --depth=0"
- "node . install --ignore-scripts"
- "node . prune"
- "make -j4 doc"
- "node . run tap -- \"test/tap/*.js\" \"test/broken-under-nyc/*.js\""
@@ -459,3 +459,8 @@ Evgeny Kulikov <>
Carol (Nichols || Goulding) <>
Jarid Margolin <>
David Cook <>
Brian Dukes <>
J F <>
Pavlo Liulia <>
Ján Dzurek <>
Lucas Theisen <>
@@ -0,0 +1,37 @@
* Broken test files
* add-remote-git-get-resolved.js (needs porting to pacote)
* bugs.js (I think because opts.fullMetadata)
* builtin-config.js (freezes)
* check-cpu-reqs.js (uhhh? it's not checking?)
* check-engine-reqs.js (same?)
* check-os-reqs.js (same?)
* doctor.js (needs rewrite)
* full-warning-messages.js
* get.js
* git-npmignore.js
* git-races.js
* github-shortcut.js
* ignore-shrinkwrap.js
* install-shrinkwrapped-git.js
* install-with-dev-dep-duplicate.js
* legacy-npm-self-install.js (one check failed)
* ls-depth-cli.js
* outdated-local.js
* outdated-notarget.js
* outdated-private.js
* peer-deps-invalid.js
* peer-deps-toplevel.js
* peer-deps-without-package-json.js
* repo.js
* retry-on-stale-cache.js
* scope-header.js
* shrinkwrap-default-arg-ver.js
* shrinkwrap-local-dependency.js
* shrinkwrap-optional-dependency.js
* shrinkwrap-optional-property.js
* shrinkwrap-prod-dependency.js
* shrinkwrap-shared-dev-dependency.js
* splat-with-only-prerelease-to-latest.js
* url-dependencies.js
* verify-no-lifecycle-on-repo.js
* network/legacy-shrinkwrap.js
@@ -1,3 +1,77 @@
## v4.6.1 (2017-04-21)

A little release to tide you over while we hammer out the last bits for npm@5.


* [`d13c9b2f2`](
The `name:` prompt is now `package name:` to make this less ambiguous for new users.

The default package name is now a valid package name. For example: If your package directory
has mixed case, the default package name will be all lower case.
* [`f08c66323`](
Add `--allow-same-version` option to `npm version` so that you can use `npm version` to run
your version lifecycles and tag your git repo without actually changing the version number in
your `package.json`.
* [`f5e8becd0`](
Timing has been added throughout the install implementation. You can see it by running
a command with `--loglevel=timing`. You can also run commands with `--timing` which will write
an `npm-debug.log` even on success and add an entry to `_timing.json` in your cache with
the timing information from that run.


* [`9c860f2ed`](
Fix a crash in `npm doctor` when used with a registry that does not support
the `ping` API endpoint.
* [`65b9943e9`](
Shorten the ELIFECYCLE error message. The shorter error message should make it much
easier to discern the actual cause of the error.
* [`a87a4a835`](
Fix flashing of the progress bar when your terminal is very narrow.
* [`41c10974f`](
Wait for `fsync` to complete before considering our file written to disk.
This will improve certain sorts of Windows diagnostic problems.
* [`2afa9240c`](
Don't ham-it-up when expecting JSON.


* [`566f3eebe`](
Use a single convention when referring to the `<command>` you're running.
* [`ccbb94934`](
Fix a missing space in the example package.json.


* [`ebde4ea33`](
* [`c46ad71bb`](
* [`d856d570d`](
* [`4a2e14436`](
* [`f0399138e`](

### v4.5.0 (2017-03-24)

Welcome a wrinkle on npm's registry API!
@@ -53,23 +53,23 @@ latest:
@echo "Installing latest published npm"
@echo "Use 'make install' or 'make link' to install the code"
@echo "in this folder that you're looking at right now."
node cli.js install -g -f npm ${NPMOPTS}
node bin/npm-cli.js install -g -f npm ${NPMOPTS}

install: all
node cli.js install -g -f ${NPMOPTS}
node bin/npm-cli.js install -g -f ${NPMOPTS}

# backwards compat
dev: install

link: uninstall
node cli.js link -f
node bin/npm-cli.js link -f

clean: markedclean marked-manclean doc-clean uninstall
rm -rf npmrc
node cli.js cache clean
node bin/npm-cli.js cache clean

node cli.js rm npm -g -f
node bin/npm-cli.js rm npm -g -f

doc: $(mandocs) $(htmldocs)

@@ -143,22 +143,22 @@ html/doc/misc/%.html: doc/misc/ $(html_docdeps)
marked: node_modules/.bin/marked

node cli.js install marked --no-global
node bin/npm-cli.js install marked --no-global --no-timing --no-save

marked-man: node_modules/.bin/marked-man

node cli.js install marked-man --no-global
node bin/npm-cli.js install marked-man --no-global --no-timing --no-save

doc: man

man: $(cli_docs)

test: doc
node cli.js test
node bin/npm-cli.js test

npm tag npm@$(PUBLISHTAG) latest
node bin/npm-cli.js tag npm@$(PUBLISHTAG) latest

node . ls >/dev/null
@@ -167,13 +167,13 @@ gitclean:
git clean -fd

publish: gitclean ls-ok link doc-clean doc
@git push origin :v$(shell npm -v) 2>&1 || true
@git push origin :v$(shell node bin/npm-cli.js --no-timing -v) 2>&1 || true
git push origin $(BRANCH) &&\
git push origin --tags &&\
npm publish --tag=$(PUBLISHTAG)
node bin/npm-cli.js publish --tag=$(PUBLISHTAG)

release: gitclean ls-ok markedclean marked-manclean doc-clean doc
node cli.js prune --production
node bin/npm-cli.js prune --production --no-save
@bash scripts/

@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ If you plan on hacking on npm, `make link` is your friend.

If you've got the npm source code, you can also semi-permanently set
arbitrary config keys using the `./configure --key=val ...`, and then
run npm commands by doing `node cli.js <cmd> <args>`. (This is helpful
run npm commands by doing `node bin/npm-cli.js <command> <args>`. (This is helpful
for testing, or running stuff without actually installing npm itself.)

## Windows Install or Upgrade
@@ -0,0 +1,72 @@
* Finished
* [COMPLETED] npm: add `created-with`, `shrinkwrap-version`, and `package-integrity`
* [COMPLETED] npm: warn on incompatible package-lock version
* [COMPLETED] npm: warn if both shrinkwrap and package-lock are there
* [COMPLETED] npm: fix git-prepare
* [COMPLETED] npm: fix auth failure for locked scoped deps
* [COMPLETED] npm: send the user-agent through to pacote
* [COMPLETED] npm: get merged
* [COMPLETED] npm: get merged
* [COMPLETED] npm: if local deps exist w/o needed metadata, fetch it
* [COMPLETED] Run `prepare` during git tarball packing phase
* [COMPLETED] npm: put npm cache clear behind --force
* [COMPLETED] npm: package-lock.json
* lib/install/read-shrinkwrap.js
* lib/shrinkwrap.js
* lib/install/save.js (?)
* lib/utils/tar.js (add autoignore)
* fstream-npm (add autoignore)
* lib/version.js
* [COMPLETED] npm: --save by default
* [COMPLETED] npm: make sure `npm i <pkg>` defaults to package.json
* it only happens for command line arguments
* getAllMetadata
* Apparently, I did this way back when and totally forgot. lol.
* [COMPLETED] make-fetch-happen: make sure other options npm used are implemented
* look at the comment at the bottom of pacote.js
* [COMPLETED] make-fetch-happen: support strictSSL option
* [COMPLETED] Write npm@5 speeds presentation for Friday
* [COMPLETED] pacote: support `opts.fullMetadata` for `pkg.manifest`
* [COMPLETED] npm: fix invalid package: null error
* [COMPLETED] make-fetch-happen: case-insensitive http_proxy/proxy/https_proxy
* [COMPLETED] cacache: integrate cacache@8 into npm/pacote/mfh
* [COMPLETED] make-fetch-happen: literally vendor in node-fetch. sigh.
* basically, the whole tarball situation prevents shrinkwrap. sux :<
* note: solved this by forking node-fetch into node-fetch-npm
* [COMPLETED] pacote: http auth and alwaysAuth
* [COMPLETED] make-fetch-happen: NO_PROXY support
* [COMPLETED] npm: calculate sri with ssri and add it to dist.integrity
* [COMPLETED] pacote: refactor handler API
* maybe use Protoduck?
* [COMPLETED] npm: nag Ryan about when sha512 is happening
* He says it's delayed 😭
* I can still start sending integrity in the publish
* [COMPLETED] npm: fix bundle replacement issues (see: npm i nyc warning spam)
* need fromBundle attribute on shrinkwrap and pass it through. the sw.version && sw.integrity-based fake node needs to have this there.
* Backlog
* [TODO] pacote: opts.extraHeaders
* [TODO] pacote: ECONNRESET recovery
* [TODO] pacote: skip node_modules extraction for non-bundleDeps
* [TODO] pacote: write tests for file/directory handlers
* [TODO] npm: `npm publish --dry-run` -> ?
* Rebecca says yea
* [TODO] make-fetch-happen: write tests for agent pooling/proxy
* [TODO] make-fetch-happen: retry notification
* [TODO] npm: move addBundled call from inflate-shrinkwrap to extract
* fix the fucking bundling thing while at it
* Needed for npm@5
* [TODO] pacote: write tests for git handlers
* [TODO] pacote: offline feature support for git deps
* [TODO] npm: get logging working during the recalculateMetadata spam
* [TODO] write-file-atomic: review
* Active
* [TODO] npm: make `npm update` save files as the right type
* [TODO] node: track down lifecycle signal failure
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ install:
- ps: Install-Product node $env:nodejs_version $env:platform
- npm config set spin false
- npm rebuild
- npm i -g "npm/npm#release-beta-5"
- node . install -g .
- set "PATH=%APPDATA%\npm;C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\libexec;%PATH%"
- npm install --loglevel=http
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@

if (conf.version) {
return errorHandler.exit(0)

if (conf.versions) {
@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@
if (er) return errorHandler(er)
npm.commands[npm.command](npm.argv, function (err) {
if (!err && npm.config.get('ham-it-up')) {
if (!err && npm.config.get('ham-it-up') && !npm.config.get('json') && !npm.config.get('parseable')) {
output('\n 🎵 I Have the Honour to Be Your Obedient Servant,🎵 ~ npm 📜🖋\n')
errorHandler.apply(this, arguments)

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