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doc: update onboarding PR landing info

Clarify a few items in the onboarding doc about landing a PR. One
addition is to include the optional `Refs:` metadata.

PR-URL: #8479
Reviewed-By: Luigi Pinca <>
Reviewed-By: James M Snell <>
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Trott authored and Fishrock123 committed Sep 10, 2016
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@@ -170,18 +170,24 @@ Landing a PR
* `git rebase -i upstream/master`
* squash into logical commits if necessary
* `./configure && make -j8 test` (`-j8` builds node in parallel with 8 threads. adjust to the number of cores (or processor-level threads) your processor has (or slightly more) for best results.)
* Amend the commit description
* commits should follow `subsystem[,subsystem]: small description\n\nbig description\n\n<metadata>`
* first line 50 columns, all others 72
* add metadata:
* `Fixes: <full-issue-url>`
* `Reviewed-By: human <email>`
* Easiest to use `git log` then do a search
* (`/Name` + `enter` (+ `n` as much as you need to) in vim)
* Only include collaborators who have commented `LGTM`
* Amend the commit description.
* Commits should be of the form `subsystem[,subsystem]: small description\n\nbig description\n\n<metadata>`
* The first line should not exceed 50 characters.
* The remaining lines (except for metadata lines) should wrap at 72 characters.
* Add required metadata:
* `PR-URL: <full-pr-url>`
* `Reviewed-By: <collaborator name> <collaborator email>`
* Easiest to use `git log`, then do a search.
* In vim: `/Name` + `enter` (+ `n` as much as you need to)
* Only include collaborators who have commented `LGTM`.
* Add additional metadata as appropriate:
* `Fixes: <full-issue-url>`
* Full URL of GitHub issue that the PR fixes.
* This will automatically close the PR when the commit lands in master.
* `Refs: <full-url>`
* Full URL of material that might provide additional useful information or context to someone trying to understand the change set or the thinking behind it.
* `git push upstream master`
* close the original PR with "Landed in `<commit hash>`".
* Close the pull request with a "Landed in `<commit hash>`" comment.
## exercise: make PRs adding yourselves to the README

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