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2016-11-22, Version 7.2.0 (Current)

This is a security release impacting Windows 10 users.

Notable changes:

* crypto: The `Decipher` methods `setAuthTag()` and `setAAD` now return
`this`. (Kirill Fomichev) #9398
* dns: Implemented `{ttl: true}` for `resolve4()` and `resolve6()`.
(Ben Noordhuis) #9296 &
* libuv: Upgrade to v1.10.1 (cjihrig)
  - Fixed a potential buffer overflow when writing data to console on
Windows 10. (CVE-2016-9551)
* process: Added a new `external` property to the data returned by
`memoryUsage()`. (Fedor Indutny)
* tls: Fixed a memory leak when writes were queued on TLS connection
that was destroyed during handshake. (Fedor Indutny)
* V8 (dep): Upgrade to v5.4.500.43 (Michaël Zasso)
* v8: The data returned by `getHeapStatistics()` now includes three new
fields: `malloced_memory`, `peak_malloced_memory`, and
`does_zap_garbage`. (Gareth Ellis)

PR-URL: #9745
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