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doc: update style guide for markdown extension

There are no longer files in the repository that use the `.markdown`
extension so remove mention of them.

PR-URL: #15786
Reviewed-By: Vse Mozhet Byt <>
Reviewed-By: Lance Ball <>
Reviewed-By: Gibson Fahnestock <>
Reviewed-By: Richard Lau <>
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Trott committed Oct 8, 2017
1 parent bdf711d commit e0122299cf4ee7d97ca826a8f68eb799a5a56fe7
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topic the document will describe (e.g., `child_process`).
* Filenames should be **lowercase**.
* Some files, such as top-level markdown files, are exceptions.
* Older files may use the `.markdown` extension. These may be ported to `.md`
at will. **Prefer `.md` for all new documents.**
* Documents should be word-wrapped at 80 characters.
* The formatting described in `.editorconfig` is preferred.
* A [plugin][] is available for some editors to automatically apply these

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