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src: Update trace event macros to V8 5.7 version

src/tracing/trace_event.h was updated by applying the following changes:

1) Include src/tracing/trace_event_common.h instead of the one from v8

2) Replace all instances of base::Atomic with intptr_t (trace events can
only be generated from the main thread for now).

3) Replace instances of V8_INLINE with inline.

4) Eliminate uses of DCHECK.

5) Eliminate uses of V8_UNLIKELY, the branch predictor should be good
enough alone.

6) Change the namespace used by trace_event.h from v8::internal::tracing
to node::tracing.

7) Remove CallStatsScopedTracer class and related macros (they rely on
V8 implementation details).

8) Change ConvertableToTraceFormat to v8::ConvertableToTraceFormat.

9) Add function "static void SetCurrentPlatform(v8::Platform*
platform);" to the declaration of TraceEventHelper.

PR-URL: #12127
Reviewed-By: Ali Ijaz Sheikh <>
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Matt Loring
Matt Loring committed Mar 29, 2017
1 parent 0a5bf4a commit ebeee853e69a96016e59263e60d38d490f6e3490
Showing with 1,128 additions and 1,209 deletions.
  1. +55 −1,209 src/tracing/trace_event.h
  2. +1,073 −0 src/tracing/trace_event_common.h

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