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test: Added relative path to accommodate limit #12601

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Just for now

test: improved call to path.relative()

Improved the call to path.relative(). Also added comments explaining the use of a relative path.
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coreybeaumont committed Apr 27, 2017
commit b1f370b3b0966d867799fe3435de3ded85172e1c
@@ -33,8 +33,9 @@ const forAllClients = (cb) => common.mustCall(cb, CLIENT_VARIANTS);

// Test Pipe fd is wrapped correctly
const prefix = path.relative(`${common.PIPE}-net-connect-options-fd`,
// Using relative path on osx if the path is greaterthan 108 chars
// an AssertionError: -48 is thrown

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jasnell Apr 27, 2017


nit: might be worthwhile adding a comment that explains what -48 means.

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coreybeaumont Apr 27, 2017

Author Contributor

@jasnell That unfortunately I don't know. I believe @addaleax does?

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Trott Apr 27, 2017


I believe -48 is the libuv error for UV_EADDRINUSE. In any event, it's a libuv error.

I don't think this is OS X specific. It will happen on anything (or at least anything POSIX?) with a long enough path. I think you can just remove the comment (no one's going to wonder "why aren't they using an absolute path here??!!") or use a comment like this:

// Use relative path to avoid hitting 128-char length limit for socket paths in libuv.

/cc @addaleax to make sure I got that right (that it's 128 chars, that it's in libuv, etc.).

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addaleax Apr 27, 2017


@Trott 108 should be the right number on Linux and almost certainly other systems too¹², quote unix(7):

struct sockaddr_un {
    sa_family_t sun_family;               /* AF_UNIX */
    char        sun_path[108];            /* pathname */

It’s this bit of code in libuv that truncates the path to that size. The actual value for EADDRINUSE is OS-dependent; for example, for me on Linux it’s 98 (which libuv forwards as -98).

See also #12708, I think that’s the same kind of problem.

¹ edit: yeah, your guess of “anything POSIX” sounds right, Windows doesn’t have UNIX sockets. ;)

² more edits: has numbers, it’s somewhere between 92 and 108.

const prefix = path.relative('.', `${common.PIPE}-net-connect-options-fd`);
const serverPath = `${prefix}-server`;
let counter = 0;
let socketCounter = 0;
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