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doc: add minutes for meeting 13 May 2019 #213

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Just for now

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# Node.js Foundation Package Maintenance Team Meeting 2019-05-06

## Links

* **Recording**:
* **GitHub Issue**:

## Present

* Michael Dawson (@mhdawson)
* Rick Markins (@rxmarbles)
* Dominykas Blyžė (@dominykas)
* Joel Chen (@jchip)
* Edgar Muentes (@emuentes)
* Glen Hinks (@ghinks)
* Manuel Spigolon (@eomm)
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ljharb May 15, 2019

Suggested change
* Manuel Spigolon (@eomm)
* Manuel Spigolon (@eomm)
* Jordan Harband (@ljharb)

## Agenda

## Announcements

*Extracted from **package-maintenance-agenda** labelled issues and pull requests from the **nodejs org** prior to the meeting.

* Some discussion around who will be at the collab summit. Sounds like we should
Have 5 or 6 people plus hopefully others we can get interested in joining the conversations.

### nodejs/package-maintenance

* \[key packages\] A list of packages that do not test in latest LTS [#200](
* Good discussion on issue. Created issues #204, #205, #206 and #207 to
push forward.

* Session at Node.js collaborator summit [#189](
* Session submitted, will leave open until summit occurs.

* \[baseline practices\] .npmignore or package.json files [#164](
* good discussion, going to split out bigger picture into

* RFC: Proposal for configurable way to npm install only the desired files from npm modules
*Document the “paved paths”
* Propose a process for packages maintainers to indicate explicitly which
files are needed for production (possibly through globs)
* Make a tool for maintainers to get feedback and suggestions to drive dev decisions
that support the ability for consumers to choose how much to install
* add deprecate guidelines doc \[draft\] [#150](
* Defer to next time as we ran out of time
* Which Problems Node.js OSS maintainers/authors face today? [#113](
* Defer to next time as we ran out of time
* Next steps on Support levels in Package.json
* Defer to next time as we ran out of time
## Project Board Review (maybe, if time permits).
Ask participants about the state of [Project Board]( and necessary changes if time permits.
## Q&A, Other
## Upcoming Meetings
* **Node.js Foundation Calendar**:

Click `+GoogleCalendar` at the bottom right to add to your own Google calendar.

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