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'string_decoder' module from Node.js core
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Node-core v8.9.4 string_decoder for userland


npm install --save string_decoder

Node-core string_decoder for userland

This package is a mirror of the string_decoder implementation in Node-core.

Full documentation may be found on the Node.js website.

As of version 1.0.0 string_decoder uses semantic versioning.

Previous versions

Previous version numbers match the versions found in Node core, e.g. 0.10.24 matches Node 0.10.24, likewise 0.11.10 matches Node 0.11.10.


The build/ directory contains a build script that will scrape the source from the nodejs/node repo given a specific Node version.

Streams Working Group

string_decoder is maintained by the Streams Working Group, which oversees the development and maintenance of the Streams API within Node.js. The responsibilities of the Streams Working Group include:

  • Addressing stream issues on the Node.js issue tracker.
  • Authoring and editing stream documentation within the Node.js project.
  • Reviewing changes to stream subclasses within the Node.js project.
  • Redirecting changes to streams from the Node.js project to this project.
  • Assisting in the implementation of stream providers within Node.js.
  • Recommending versions of readable-stream to be included in Node.js.
  • Messaging about the future of streams to give the community advance notice of changes.

See readable-stream for more details.

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