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Node.js End User Feedback Initiative

We are in the formative steps of building out infrastructure, process and collaborators to bring large-scale feedback to the Node.js project under the charter of the Node.js Community Committee (CommComm). Thank you for your interest and support. We are actively looking for new members. Please create an issue in this repo if you are interested in dedicating 5+ hours a month to during the formation process. We expect the formation process to run through Q2 2018. The primary skillset for this initiative is largely non-technical: social sciences, product and project management and organizational.

What does the Node.js End User Feedback team do?

The Node.js End User Feedback team works with Node.js end users to provide a bi-directional feedback channel for the Node.js project through surveys, meetings and outreach.


Governance and Contributing

The Node.js End User Feedback team has adopted the core governance and contribution policies of the Node.js project.

The Node.js End User Feedback team is chartered under the Node.js Community Committee (CommComm) and follows CommComm Governance policy.

Contributing Guide

We are actively seeking technical and non-technical contributors to help gather Node.js End User Feedback. Contributions are rewarded with attribution. Our Contribution Guide details the steps to becoming a Contributor, Collaborator and Member of the Node.js End User Feedback (NEUF) team.

Node.js End User Feedback Team Members


End User Feedback - Looking for Participants 🎉

The Node.js end user feedback team (NEUF) will be working to gather feedback from end users through a number of different channels.

One of those channels will be live discussion either in person or on-line. We are starting to put together a list of businesses who:

  • are using Node.js for their production systems
  • use Node.js as part of their tooling
  • are evaluating Node.js as a potential technology
  • have recently chosen Node.js and are just getting started
  • would like to use Node.js but face obstacles in being able to do so

If you would like to get involved and participate regularly (currently thinking is every 2 months or quarterly) please email

Current User Feedback Initiative timeline

  • 2/22 - User feedback session blog posts complete
  • 2/22 - Have 6-8 meetups confirmed to do the session
  • 3/10 - Reach out to meetups to make sure things are scheduled and have guidelines
  • 3/25 - Publishing enterprise user group and put it in a .md
  • 3/25 - Get the blog post or guidelines up on a .md file
  • 4/10 - Reach back out to meetups to make sure they are prepared
  • 4/25 - Meeting enterprise user group
  • 5/15 - We have done user feedback session
  • 6/15 - Conduct feedback and update the user feedback updates & measure results of what we were able to get again
  • 7/15 - Out of “beta”
  • 8/15 - Adding the user feedback to “get involved”

Additional Context

The organization and formation of this initiative was kicked off by hackygolucky, mhdawson and bnb. We are grateful for their leadership.


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