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Zero to Hero with Node.js Africa Code Guide for JavaScript and Node.js
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1. introduction_to_ javascript
2. working with variables
3.working with operators
4. working with construct
5. working_with_arrays
6. data types and data type functions
7. working with javascript objects
Provisional HTML


Node.js Africa

Being a workshopper simply means that you are a participant in the Node.js Africa training programme. We believe that when you come in as a novice, you will get transitioned into a Node.js Developer Expert. Our training has been structured to accommodate everybody at each level of the web-development stack.

Having basic knowledge of HTML/CSS is a plus, as you can jump right into JavaScript coding. The entry profile course below is for JavaScript and we encourage you to do some HTML/CSS on your own or attend our training session. Here is a Provisional HTML crash course.

Entry Profile Course for JavaScript


  • Participants are expected to complete challenges. The challenges help you transition faster and better. Please, do well not give up on any challenge. We encourage you complete them and work better. challenges are there to build you and make you stronger, even in world situations.



You can also be a contributor to this project by:

  • Adding some more entry profile courses.
  • Adding codes to help our learners and participant learn faster and better in existing entry profile courses.
  • Editing existing codes in project.

Feel free to clone and send a PR for a merge.


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